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This section of the School Website explains where the LIBRARY is, what it contains and what it does. The information here will let all users, staff and pupils, know what is available and the services offered to help them exploit it to the full.

The LIBRARY is situated within the iconic pod between the main buildings with the entrance being on the First Floor. The unusual shape of the building with its sloping walls reflects that it is meant to represent the hull of a ship to remember Greenock’s proud maritime heritage.

The LIBRARY is organised on an open-plan system with separate areas for class work, private study, personal reading and using computers. The large seated area in the middle of the room is the class working area with seating for 35 users. In addition, two circular tables accommodate 12 more. At either side of the room there is a private study area with space in total for 14 more users. For those wanting privacy for a quiet read individual seating for a minimum of 28 users is scattered down either side between the book stacks and in a large area at the far end beside the magnificent floor-to-ceiling window.

The E-Learning Centre is positioned in front of the Librarian’s work area and is designed around pods of computers. Each pod has 6 computers, giving a grand total of 18 machines with one laser writer printer.

The total stock is around 6,800 items with new material being added every year. The vast bulk of the stock is comprised of books with the remainder being made up of Reports, Educational Kits, CD ROMS and Sound Cassettes. The majority of the stock is filed on the open access book stacks around the LIBRARY with the computer and audio material being kept behind the desk.

The stock is stored in separate sections for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference books, Easy Reading books, Books for Boys and the Staff CPD section.

The prime purpose is to serve the educational and resource needs of the school community in both the academic and recreational spheres.

In the former, the LIBRARY is designed to supply the resources needs of staff, pupils and departments to allow them to access information relevant to their work. This entails knowledge of the work of the school and the resources required to meet these.

This can be done in several ways. On the one hand departments and individuals state what their needs are and the LIBRARY then provides suitable material. This can take the form of printed works, electronic resources, relevant websites and other resource formats. To do this the LIBRARY maintains a host of bibliographical tools that can be used to access information. Suitable material is regularly purchased and added to the stock, information on which can be accessed through the Library Online Catalogue. Access to this is available via any networked computer in the school. Appropriate information sources on the Internet are regularly identified and access provided directly through the Library Catalogue.

On the other hand, the LIBRARY regularly keeps up to date with new information sources which may be of use to individuals and staff and provides a Current Awareness service whereby they are informed of anything that might be relevant to their work.

When a request for information on a topic is given to the LIBRARY a list of suitable resources is put together and made available to interested users. As well, all details are posted on the Library Catalogue and Library GLOW site for easy access.
For example, a recent request concerned Health in Scotland: the following list of websites was supplied as sources of suitable information. (NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE SCOTLAND) (SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT) (GOVERNMENT HEALTH STATISTICS) (OBESITY AND MENTAL HEALTH) (SCOTISH HEALTH ACTION ON ALCOHOL PROBLEMS)

In addition to providing resources, the LIBRARY offers expertise in Information Skills and Retrieval. Whether in a formal or informal setting, help in understanding how to find and access material can be supplied to individuals or classes as required. This can take many forms such as talks, demonstrations and formal lessons and is available at any time.

The LIBRARY also supplies resources for recreational purposes to both Staff and pupils. It has been demonstrably proved that regular reading for pleasure adds to a person’s vocabulary and understanding of life while gaming can firm up an individual’s reactions and thought processes. Both are available in the LIBRARY.

A wide selection of fiction suitable for all levels of reader from Adult to Easy Reading is available and is stored in a separate section. Details of what is available can be accessed via the Library Catalogue. Additionally, lists of titles organised by theme are also available to aid choice. All are available for borrowing throughout the School Year. From time to time specific events such as author visits are organised and regular displays are provided.

The computers are available to all users for personal use to undertake research, word process and the like throughout the day. In addition, students are allowed access to the computers for part of lunchtime to access suitable games PROVIDED THE COMPUTERS ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR PUPILS UNDERTAKING SCHOOL WORK.

The LIBRARY is open on school days from 0830 until 1615, with the exception of the morning interval. In addition, it is open at lunchtimes from 1305.

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