School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team have a joint responsibility for teaching and learning within the school and for the creation of a good learning environment.

The Depute Head Teachers are responsible for the day to day running of the school and deputise for the Head Teacher. They also have special responsibilities, some of which are detailed below:

Mrs Michelle Liddell

Mrs LiddellCPD Co-ordinator
Year Group Responsibilities for S1 & S2
Overview of Developments in Curriculum for Excellence
Faith & Learning
School Handbook and Student Planners
Parent Council Link
Health Co-ordinator
Notre Dame Cluster Co-ordinator, incl: Primary/Secondary Liaison
Moderation and Assessment
Departmental Line Management

Mrs Kate Couttie

Mrs CouttieSchool Timetable, incl:
Consortium Arrangements.
Management of Staff Absence
Staff Cover Arrangements
16+ Coordinator, incl:
College Links.
Year Group Responsibilities for S4 and S5
Departmental Line Management

Mr Stephen Dalziel

SQA Co-ordinator incl: Co-ordination of Prelim Exams
Student Support Co-ordinator, incl: Guidance Team; Support for Learning; Communications and Language Base; CSA & ASN Auxiliaries;
Child Protection Co-ordinator.
ICT Coordinator, incl: SEEMIS; GLOW.
Tracking and Reporting procedures, incl: S3 Profiling
Senior Awards Ceremony
Liaison with Schools' Estates Team
School Council
Year Group Responsibilities for S3
Departmental Line Management

Mr Dalziel

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