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The Rotary ShoeBox AppealSchool and Community
Notre Dame High School realises the importance of being a “good neighbour” in the local community. We take this role very seriously not only in our local community of Greenock but also in the wider community.
At Christmas all of our pupils are involved in helping orphans in areas such as Kosovo,
Belarus and Turkey through the Rotary Shoe Box Scheme. Our school orchestra and choir provide concerts for local hospitals and sheltered housing residents and “The Little Sisters”.
We see this community responsibility as an important aspect of life in Notre Dame.
Hopefully when pupils leave Notre Dame they will realise the importance of making a positive contribution to their community.
Some of the main recipients of school charities are the Rotary Shoe Box Scheme and SPUC, but the main recipient is SCIAF. These charities are nominated by the pupil councils.
Throughout the year “profits” raised through the school tuck shop and the money raised during Lent are primarily for SCIAF. To raise this money a number of events are organised. They are not only lots of fun, they are also for a very worthwhile cause. This community action is not all one way. We also receive a great deal of help from the local community. One very good example of this is the Work Experience Programme for all our fourth year pupils.
Each October every fourth year pupil is offered one week’s work experience with one of our local employers. This experience is invaluable in preparing our pupils for the world of work when they leave school. Needless to say it would not be possible without this community support.

S6 Citizenship and Community Programme

FairtradeWhen students reach sixth year their role in the school changes quite dramatically. There is a much higher level of responsibility for them to take on including a commitment to our Citizenship and Community Programme.

For those students who have a study period on their timetable each day (6 periods over a week) they are asked to give time to working with others, including:

  • A local primary school;
  • A local Care Home;
  • A Pre-five/nursery; or
  • In school supporting young students in class, e.g. S1 Paired Reading.

This gives them an opportunity to give back to the community and to use their own interests and talents, e.g. music, art, reading, etc, to support other young people. They also learn invaluable skills in working with others, teamwork and inter-personal skills.

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