Pupil Councils

Pupil Representation at Notre Dame High School

Year Group Councils addressed by Head Boy, Anthony MacdonaldA fully representative and effective Student Council is an essential aspect of Notre Dame High School’s process for self-evaluation and planning for future improvement. The inclusion of the student voice in both the review and evaluation of our policies and in making important decisions about forward planning will ensure that the wider community has both ownership of and involvement in the future of their school.

Role of the Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council in Notre Dame High School is to best represent the views and interests of the entire student body (the Student Forum). In doing so they are required to respond to feedback from students while also acting as liaison to the Head Teacher and the School Management Team.

Members may, on occasion, be asked to represent the student body on NDHS Improvement Planning Groups to represent their peers in the development and review of school policy or procedures.

Structure of Pupil Representation

Pupil Representation consists of two levels:
1. Year Group Councils; and
2. The Student Council

Year Group Councils

Year Group Councils consist of two students from each registration group who will represent their year group peers at regular Year Group Council meetings. They may also represent their year group at Focus Group meeting as part of the school’s consultation and self-evaluation process. It is the responsibility of Year Group Council members to consult with and represent the views of their Registration Group at Year Group Council meetings.

Year Group Council meetings will be mentored and supported by a staff member.

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