Student PlannerThe aim of this section is to offer parents a set of guidelines on the principles and practices of homework.

It must be recognised that differences between subjects can sometimes result in different approaches to homework. Nonetheless, it is important to have a whole school approach to something as important to your child’s progress as homework.

Homework serves a variety of purposes. It promotes self reliance, self discipline, and self confidence. It encourages our pupils to participate with responsibility in their own learning and strengthen links between home and school. It should extend class work and widen the learning experience by encouraging pupils to use sources of information not available in the classroom and it should help teachers monitor the effectiveness of learning and teaching.


• Homework should be in the context of a whole school policy which includes a committment to promote independent learning.

• Homework shall only be given when it is purposeful and useful in relation to class work.

• Homework tasks should be related to the abilities and needs of individual pupils.

• Homework should be received and acknowledged in a meaningful way and there should be effective feedback.

• Homework policy, planning and practice shall involve communication and co-operation with parents.

Student Planners

All pupils are issued with Student Planners in August. These planners, attractively bound with the school badge on the front cover, allow parents to assist children with recording and planning their homework and study. They also contain important information about the school. Pupils find that using them helps organise their working week.

Policy Monitoring

• Heads of Departments in consultation with colleagues will ensure departmental policy exists.

• Class teachers will keep a note of homework.

• SMT liaison staff will monitor implementations of departmental policy.

• SMT will conduct homework surveys/ issue parental staff questionnaires at appropriate points in the year.

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