Broad General Education

Courses in S1 - S3

Pupils follow a broadly based common course designed to give pupils a wide range of experiences and outcomes.
The following subjects are provided for all pupils in the Broad General Education (BGE) phase in S1 - S3:
Religious Education, English, Mathematics, PSE, Computing, Business Education, History, Modern Studies, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Science, Technical Education, Health and Food Technology, Art and Design, Geography
A the end of S3 pupils make a choice, focusing on six subjects in their national qualifications in S4. These subjects are in line with the government's Curriculum for Excellence programme. More information on CfE is available on the menu to the right.


Senior Phase - S4-S6

Courses in S4

Pupils choose six subjects during S3 to focus on National qualifications in S4 and beyond. National 3 and National 4 courses are internally assessed; National 5 courses have an external examination to sit.  However, final decisions as to the most suitable level of study will decided during the year of study.  

The following courses are provided for S4, National 3-5:
English, Maths, Religious Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Spanish, French, Art and Design, Physical Education, History, Modern Studies, Geography, Administration, Accounting and Finance, Computing, Music, Health and Food Technology, Graphic Communication, Design and Manufacture and Woodworking Skills.

Courses in S5 and S6Graphic Communication Classroom

It should be noted that as depth of study increases, the width of the curriculum is correspondingly reduced, i.e. the pupils study five subjects instead of six. The following courses are provided for S5/6:

National 4, National 5 and Highers in English, Mathematics, Computing, Geography, History, Music, Accounting and Finance, Art and Design, Biology, French, Health and Food Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Product Design, Graphic Communication, Practical Craft Skills, Modern Studies, Administration and Spanish. Advanced Higher Maths, Graphic Communication, Geography, Music, English, Business Management, Spanish, History, Chemistry and Biology.


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